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About Joshua

Joshua Barton, Broker
NMLS#: 1834540

Joshua Barton, Broker is a mortgage broker with office in San Diego, California. We help customers throughout California with home purchase and refinance.

Our lending products include conventional loans, VA loans, FHA loans, USDA loans, and more.

Why Us?

Here are some reasons to work with Joshua Barton, Broker on your next home loan.

We have been serving customers in California for more than 20 years. Over the past two decades, we have become experts in the local housing market and have built up a large network of lenders and other local professionals. That means we have the experience and the resources to offer you top-notch service through every step of the mortgage process.

Our large network means great choices and rates for you. We save you time and money, reaching out through our network to bring you competitive mortgage products you might not discover if you were conducting the search by yourself.

We can help you overcome hurdles involving your credit. If you are having a difficult time applying for a mortgage through a big bank because of your credit score, Joshua Barton, Broker can help you move forward with your home purchase plans. We can even counsel you with personalized advice for how you can rapidly improve your score before you apply for a mortgage.

We streamline the loan process. We remove unnecessary complexities from the lending process, keeping it super simple so you don’t need to jump through a lot of hoops.

We are here for you every day, including on weekends. We can take care of a quick pre-approval letter when you need one, or help you out with other pressing matters in a timely fashion. That way, you can keep moving forward on your time schedule.

As a small business, we take a personal approach and we strive to bring dedication and warmth to every aspect of the mortgage process.

Move Into Your California Home Today

Are you ready to find the right type of lending product to move into a home in California, invest in real estate, or achieve other goals? Joshua Barton, Broker is ready to connect you with your ideal mortgage. To get started now, please give us a call today at (760) 692-4662 to schedule your consultation.